March 25th, 2020
Hello Freedom Family!

I hope that you are all staying safe under this quarantine. I know that many are being laid off from work and these times are difficult. I just want all of you to know that if you need food, our pantry will be open at the church. Just make an appointment with Betty and we will assist you any way that we can.
In the interest of health and safety, as well as governmental mandates, we are requesting that only 2 people at a time gather in the building, so just call Betty and schedule a time if you need something. We love you all, and we all know that God is in control. He will see us through these times! One of the many ways that He does that is through the sharing hearts of His chosen people.
Leviticus 23:22

Love In Christ,
March 21st, 2020

Hello Freedom! 
Our website and social media outlets are currently being updated. For those who have never viewed our services online, here is a video with instructions on how to access our live sermon stream.  
-Pastor Scott Childs
March 20th, 2020

Hello everyone!

Cases of this virus are now showing up in our immediate area. State officials are requesting that all public gatherings be suspended. After much prayer, the elders, including myself have decided to do online services only for the next two weeks. This was a difficult decision for all of us, but we certainly do not wish to risk the health of our membership. Secondly, we feel duty bound by scripture to obey those in civil authority (Romans 13).

I am saddened that the church doors will not be open to those who may be seeking God’s guidance at this time, and therefore, I ask you all to join me in prayer for our community and our nation. I love you all, and ask you to join us online this Sunday morning at 10:30am. Also I ask that you continue to support the church financially, by giving by mail or online. We cannot continue without it.
Prayers for you all. Feel free to call me if you need anything. I love you all.

-Pastor Scott Childs